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  1. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the collection today with a massive addition! 2013-14 Panini National Treasures Sweeter By The Dozen Jersey 18/25 (Team Sweden) Panini actually made an error for the memorabilia types on these Team Sweden booklet cards, as all of the 25 jersey pieces of Enroth are actually patch pieces instead of regular jersey. I won't complain! I still need the Buffalo Sabres version of these booklet cards, plus all of the Prime and Patch variants that follow for the Sweeter By The Dozen set (Buffalo Sabres & Team Sweden booklets). Thanks for the look!
  2. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Joone, thank you for you kind words! Yes, Enroth has surprisingly a lot of cards and I'm glad I am able to own so many. And yes, Enroth will be playing with Orebro HK in the SHL for the next 3 seasons it seems. It's sad that the SHL hasn't had an official card manufacterer since 2015. Hoping they can change that and start producing cards again. Best of luck with your Jason Demers card collection! My best and stay safe, Aaron
  3. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Some unexpected cards for the Enroth PC were delivered this afternoon! A member on the Blowout Cards Forum messaged me out of the clear blue sky and said he had some free cards to send me. I received 6 Enroth cards, but these two in particular stuck out to me the most so I had to share: The graded Cup RPA is a nice touch, as I honestly didn't know a PSA graded RPA existed (turns out it's a POP 1). Noice. The real treasure in my mind is the Superlative Vault Ruby Stamp 1/1. After acquiring the Green Stamp last month after just only finding out Superlative Vault versions even existed in the first place, snagging the 2nd stamped variation is wild. To some a simple Vault stamp might not mean much, but man I'm stoked. Huge thanks to Blake on this one!
  4. creasecollector


    Very cool DEL team issued cards ! I like seeing European card sets.
  5. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Picked up this sweet Buffalo Sabres Game Program from 2012. For a few bucks, I just couldn't say no. Makes for a nice Miscellaneous add to the collection!
  6. creasecollector

    Muutama uusi on juuri saapunut kokoelmiin

    Very nice dual shield!
  7. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Finally reached the 500-card milestone today with my 51st 1/1 Enroth card in my collection.... and it's a beauty! 2019-20 PCTC Solitaire Game-Used Glove Silver 1/1 Jhonas Enroth
  8. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the collection today with another Jersey Numbered addition. I don't normally share my duplicate pickups, but this time I figured why not. 12-13 Certified Fabric Of The Game Mirror Gold 1/25 - Jersey Numbered This is my 11th Jersey Numbered card in my collection and 499th card in my entire collection.... 500 is right around the corner.
  9. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the collection today with another KHL card! 2019-20 SeReal KHL 12th Season Script Autograph (Estimated Print Run /70)
  10. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated with my 28th ITG Final Vault addition! Similar to my last Final Vault addition, the newest Enroth card is from the Ready, Willing and Able set that I really enjoyed at that time. This is the Silver version with the Pink Vault stamp. This card is number 497 for the collection. Just three of the big 5-0-0 !
  11. creasecollector

    Mikko Koivu, tonni täyteen!

    Very nice cards! I really like the Panini Prime Black base 1/1! Keep up the great work on this collection!
  12. creasecollector

    Red, Silver, Gold

    I really like the MVP Super Script /25!
  13. Very nice player collections. I really like those European cards!
  14. creasecollector

    Jhonas Enroth Wantlist

    Still looking. If you have any Enroth cards, please let me know.
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