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My April Mail Post

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I Can't believe the year is almost half gone EEk


Not much of a show and tell this April

I've cut back to save some cash to start paying off

some bill..but anywho.


Here is what I did pick up




First from ebay



11-12 SPGU Letter Marks Leino *o* /50 if anyone pulls or seen the other letters

contact please? thanks





Four mailers came in one day.. so i did a group scan


99-00 future watch Jason Blake /2000

11-12 Black Diamond Gold Shanahan /10

11-12 Certified FOTG Claim to fame D/C Prime #54 rafalski /5 available

and my 22nd 07 08 OPC Microblack Derek Morris /100




99-00 Dynagon Cyan Plate (back) Derek Morris 1/1







97-98 Diamond Vision.. I believe I only need 4 to finish the base set Gretz, Jagr, sakic, hasek




07 08 Hot Prospects Rookies /999 UGH 15 more to finish this set







02-03 Bowman Youngstars Gold /250 still need tons of these

Fernandez / Conroy / Tkachuk

01-02 Bowman Youngstars Gold /250 same story need tons

Thibault / Conroy / Sturm

99-00 SP Future Watch rookies /2000

Novoseltsev / Nash / Kraft





Number 3 Star an Ebay steal


09-10 Dominion Brass Bonanza Auto 17/24






Number 2 ( would have been number 1 but something came in before april end)

One night I was doing a search to see if I could find some Finnish Postcards I needed for my

Ville Leino Collection. And I came across this Finnish auction site.(ive seen it before but forgot

about it). And I seen 2 of the 3 finnish pcs was looking for, for my PC. So I contacted MOGO89

and sent him the links to those two cards. To see if they were still available or if they were already

sold,since I can't read finnish. And he got back with me that following morning and said that they were still for sale.And asked him if he could get them for me. And he said he would. Right after that message sent.

I get a pm from Vanne (Ville), telling me he has some Leino Postcards. And at this

point I'm think how Ironic.. asking one person about them.. and someone pming about them having some. but Right on!

So I contacted Tatu back and said hold off on the postcards to see if I can strike a deal with Vanne. And he said no problem just let him know.

so, after some time at the waiting game with Vanne ,as hes been busy. We made a deal on 2 of the 3 cards I needed.

That he had available. So I contacted Tatu again. And asked him if he could buy the one postcard for me that I needed.

He said he would. I told him once he receives it.. mail it out and let me know what I owe you for the shipping.

Well the nice guy that he is. He did just that!!


Here it is! Thanks again Tatu my friend!!


05-06 HPK Postikortti Leino



Hopefully the 02-03 & 06-07 show up soon!! Then I will have all his Finnish cards complete.

unless there are more that I dont know about!







Number 1


Well, the family decided that we were going to raise chickens for eggs again.

Its been quite a few years since we have had any. Our stupid neighbors do not

know the concept of keeping their dogs behind a fence or chained up and they killed them.

actually the last 2 times we raise chickens. but not happening this time around!

I have plans!! but anyway.. I got a call from the post office yesterday morning.

That my baby chick have arrived!


My Rainbow egg Layers


here is photo






excuse the cutesy voice i was videoing it for my little cousins. LOL



the rattling in the back ground was my rabbit drinking.




Well if you made it this far in reading without falling asleep.. thank you for taking the time to looking and read my babble!





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No problem Billie! Always glad to help just like you've always helped me :)


Nice stuff, but the chicks look plain awesome!



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Thanks Downfall- for taking a look at my mail post and commenting.. its appreciated





Tatu :) yeah its going to be fun raising chickens again!

plus they will be laying green blue etc colored eggs.

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