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#3 Mail post of the year... with an awesome surprise!!

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My 3rd....3 month at a time Mail post of the year..
lots of inkage!

And on with the show

Ebay pick ups....

2003-04 Upper Deck Ice Jersey Modano For my set
2007-08 Hot Prospects Rookie /999 Wagner and Wirtanen for my set

1999-00 Ultimate Victory Eastwood /100 for my set

2003-04 ITG Action Spring Expo Morris /10

1999-00 Omega Front Press Plate Morris 1/1

2007-08 OPC Microblack Derek Morris /100

2012-13 OPC Base Morris

2014-15 OPC Base Morris

2014-15 OPC Rainbow Morris

2014-15 OPC Retro Morris

2012-13 OPC Base Leino

2006-07 BAP Signatures Auto Rafalski /10
(one the main card I was looking for of his) on to the next

2002-03 Bowman youngstars Gold Yzerman /250 for my set

2013-14 National Treasures Brendan Shanahan Buried Treasure Stanley Cup /50
WOW! is all I have to say about this card.. Panini will be missed in Hockey!! enough said!

2011-12 Certified Immortals Brendan Shanahan Prime Emerald Green Parallel SP #4/5

2011-12 Dominion Pen Pals Auto Hull/Shanahan /50

2012-13 Dominion Peerless Patches Auto /40 Shanahan

2013-04 Dominion Tape To Tape Auto Shanahan /25 redeemed this.. he must of had a hard time signing this the tape is popping up.. lol

2013-14 Prime Signatures Duals Auto Chelios/Shanahan /50

2013-14 Prime Signatures Duals Auto Chelios/Shanahan /25

2013-14 Prime Signatures Auto Shanahan /50

Deals and Freebies.......

From maxbowls Thanks again!
2013-14 National Treasures Dual Mem Auto Shanahan /25
2013-14 National Treasures Triple Mem Auto Shanahan

From Gabbyguy Thanks yet again Curt for the generosity
2013-14 National Treasures Dual Mem Auto Shanahan
2013-14 Prime Duals Chelios/Shanahan /200

From Ohka Thanks Thorsten
2002-03 Stadium Club Passport Jersey Lecavalier for my set

From Djsports Thanks for the swap Shawn!
2011-12 Certified Mirror Emerald #151 Brendan Shanahan /5

From johnse27... Thanks Paul for your generosity :)
2002-03 Stadium Club Passport Jersey Alfredsson and Afinogenov.. for my set

These come from lsd3636 Aleksi! Kiitos!!
2002-03 llves Postikortti (postcard)
Now this leaves me with just need 1 more Finnish postcards of Leino!!
And also...
14-15 Finnish Cardset Player's Choice #18 Leino

Non sports
From Whalers29 Thanks Stephanie
Warhouse Costume cards

Okay.. So back at the end of March... My dear friend Marko Karhukissa.... Had mentioned he is making the youth Jokerit team in Finland.. and I was joking with Marko saying If they make of card of Niko i sooooo want one.. but low and behold.. They made some of him.. and he was kind enough to send me not 1 but 2...
First one is a non Auto numbered to /50

I guess ( marko correct me if im wrong) the first 10 are Auto'd but not numbered

OHHHHHH and MARKO didn't stop there!!

My sweet dear friend Marko again in July Messaged me on FB saying he shipped a package to me.. I was a bit taken back..I'm like okay you didn't have too, but thank you..and I will let you know when it arrives. and he said it had to do something with a Finnish Hockey player I happen to collect. Ville Leino was practicing in the arena his son plays at, And Marko was talking with Leino.. and of course brought me up to him lol.... They got to talking and they both came up with this Idea.. Well I'm beyond excited! The mailer arrived. And I pulled this out :whatthehell: :dance: How awesome is this!! Kiitos Kiitos Kiitos Marko yet again!!! for thinking of me! You Rock my friend!


Thank you all that has once again viewed my mail post and ^5 to those who happen to leave a comment its much appreciated!

and thanks again for all the I have dealt with these past few month!!


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HI Billie. Congratulations for nice add-ons to your collection.


Yes those autographed versions are numbered to /10, but yours is in a way 1/1 as it has the autograph, but not printed numbers on. We had 11 stickers from Sereal, so yours is the extra one.

Numbered ones were given to relatives and Nikos closest friends.


Niko now plays for Karhu-Kissat, so these will be nice memories later in his career, wherever hockey takes him in the future.


It was my pleasure to get that puck signed by Ville Leino as he was there every morning for weeks and we shared a cup of coffee usually every day. I told him about your collection and he was very surprised that there still are some fans interested even though last season was a disaster. He was more than happy to sign that puck for you. His autograph is still like 7 yrs old child´s autograph, sorry to say...


Have a great autumn.




p.s. SUPERKIITOS lsd3636 Aleksi, noista lapuista Billielle. Olen tuota Ilves -korttia etsinyt pari vuotta laittaakseni sen tuohon kokoelmaan! HIENO HOMMA!

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Thanks again Marko.. and for adding more info on your sons card! I feel honored to even have them in my possession!

and i wish nothing but the best for Niko in his on going Hockey career!!

Sometimes I wish my son would have picked up on a sport. So I could go and cheer for him and what not... But he has no interest in any of them. He can sure Dunk a Basketball as he is close to 198 cm tall *yikes* LOL ( as I was super sports orientated as a kid)That's okay though..His love for Computers and Cars make up for it! ( i can still work on my daughter.. ive been trying to get her into sports at least softball.. But, she's more into Art LOL).

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