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aSTICKler of a Ville Leino Card !

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Some of you may or may not know.. Brian Price the former CEO of ITG card company.

now has his own company call President's Choice Trading Card Company

The new cards he produces now are short of amazing....

About a month ago I contacted Brian Price or someone who may work for him. i dunno if it's just him making the cards lol... Asking if a certain card was made.
If i could get an email letting me know when it will be listed on his site more less..
and I also asked IF he had any game used items of other players i collect.. and he came back saying he could make this card of Ville Leino.. and of course i jumped!

I just thought i would show its off. its been a while since ive been around these boards..

I hope everyone is adding a ton to their collections!! :)


Take care,






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Good to see you postin here Billie! Even though Im really not a big fan of these Dr Prices new cards I must admit the story is cool and this one looks nice. Also in a right collection now!



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