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    Collector of the following
    Ville Leino, Derek Morris, Jim Slater, Auto's of Brendan Shanahan, and I'm putting together a ton of sets

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  1. Hey everyone that is curious about my Mail post!! This has been in the making for about a month now between June/July! Ebay Pick up AND NOW FOR MY ONCE IN A LIFETIME PICKUPS! last month I contacted someone on SCF another forum that collected Leino as well in hopes that he would reply!! has he had been absent for a few years... Low and behold he did.. and we worked out A Hell of a deal!! without further Adieu! VILLE LEINO!!!! 2009-10 Upper Deck The Cup - Printing Plates Artifacts Black #MAS170 2009-10
  2. srt4gurl

    Ville Leino WANT LIST

    June 20th 2019 Thread Bump!
  3. srt4gurl

    Ville Leino WANT LIST

    Hi Everyone!! It's been a while since I have posted here! Hopefully someone can help me out with these.. Not sure if this is allow or not If anyone is bored and wants to take a look at my Leino Collection you can view it here! https://www.facebook.com/leinosnum1fan/ ( if NOT please let me know and i will delete this link thanks) UPDATED: JUNE 28TH, 2019 The non 1/1s I still need 2006-07 HPK Postikortti (post card) 2009-10 OPCP Rookie Signings Gold #PS-VL /15 Does this exist??? 2009-10 SPGU Marks
  4. srt4gurl

    aSTICKler of a Ville Leino Card !

    Thank you!
  5. Some of you may or may not know.. Brian Price the former CEO of ITG card company. now has his own company call President's Choice Trading Card Company The new cards he produces now are short of amazing.... About a month ago I contacted Brian Price or someone who may work for him. i dunno if it's just him making the cards lol... Asking if a certain card was made. If i could get an email letting me know when it will be listed on his site more less.. and I also asked IF he had any game used items of other players i collect.. and he came back saying he could make this card of Ville Leino.. and
  6. srt4gurl

    My First S&T of the year and last for a while...

    Thanks Marko! Oh I know.. not in a hurry! when ever you have a free moment! its all good! Thank you for looking and commenting! And that's what they says. it will be and early Golf Season for all the Canadian Teams! ( Personally I would have more fun watching grass grow. Than to hitting and chase a little ball into a hole. but that is me ) haha
  7. I was going to post this at the end of April. But, Seeing I landed some doozies. I don't think I will be picking up much over the next few months. As I have to start saving and planning for my Sons HS Graduation. So, with saying That. Here is my first of the year 3 month S&T. ( i don't consider my complete set a true show and tell) 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Golf #GS99 Trevor Kidd 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Golf #GS81 Ryan Smyth 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Golf #GS82 Sami Kapanen 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Golf #GS80 Ron Francis 2002-03 BAP Signature Series Golf #GS79 Dany H
  8. srt4gurl

    Dinamo Riga Team Set 2015-16

    Perk... Leino! free bump for a friend!
  9. srt4gurl

    MY Complete Ville Leino Collection

    Its been a while and I Thought i would bump this up for fun.. As I added a few more ( at the bottom of the original post! ) IF anyone has come into any of the cards I still Need and you want to trade or sell. please let me know full want list is in the other section.! Thanks for looking ( again). Billie
  10. Hey everyone viewing this... I am most likely not going to get any more cards in this year. So I figured I would post up my last past 4 month and final mail post of 2015!.. So on with the show! First up are my... EBAY Pick UPS 99-00 Ultimate Victory Parallel Collection #73 Mariusz Czerkawski /100 99-00 Ultimate Victory Ultimate Collection #114 Wayne Gretzky /100 99-00 Ultimate Victory Ultimate Collection #115 Wayne Gretzky /100 99-00 Ultimate Victory Ultimate Collection #116 Wayne Gretzky /100 02-03 Stadium Club NHL Passport Jersey Karyia 02-03 Signature Series All-Sport Gam
  11. Thank you for taking the time to view my thread and leaving a comment.. its appreciated!
  12. Lame Title .. but it got your attention! :devil: Now feast your eyes upon my Thread!!! May June July Mail Post.... Starting off with Ebay picks ups being that is basically where I have been getting all my cards from. 13-14 Totally Certified Clear Cloths 14/25 (bonus jersey numbered) Shanahan, Ive just been collecting his autos. .but there are a few card out there that are cool. So I picked this up pretty cheap ( as goes what ever else i collect) 12-13 Certified Fabric of the Game Jersey Auto /25 Shanahan 12-13 Limited Back to the future Schwartz/Shanahan /25 happy to land this pretty
  13. srt4gurl

    4 month mail post....

    I would have to agree with you!! Kiitos for viewing and leaving a comment Kiku much appreciated!!! Thanks Kassu!! Thanks Mikko! I agree
  14. srt4gurl

    4 month mail post....

    Hey Everyone! First mail post of the year.. First 4 months Jan - Apr. On on with the show... All for my player and set want PCs They either came from Ebay, Trading, or just generosity! 12-13 Limited Monikers Auto /10 Shanahan 12-13 Limited Monikers Auto /15 Shanahan 2012-13 Limited Board Members /199 47 Keith Primeau 199 2006-07 Fleer Speed Machines SM9 Sergei Fedorov 2006-07 Fleer Speed Machines SM10 Bill Guerin 2006-07 Fleer Speed Machines SM24 Markus Naslund 1999-00 MVP 21st Century NHL #6 Jaromir Jagr 1999-00 Stadium Club Onyx Extreme #OE9 John LeClair 1999-00 Stadium Clu
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