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  1. creasecollector

    Pataa vedoksina

    Very cool, great original photos
  2. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated to PC tonight with 2 more autographed base cards!
  3. creasecollector

    Muutama uusi kotiutus mm. 1/1of1/1

    Nice Koivu cards!
  4. creasecollector

    Jonzkin Niklas Bäckströmit

    I have a few leads on some Niklas Backstrom cards for your collection please check your messages when you see this. Thanks!
  5. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Thank you, Tatu! The Cup has the best printing plate out there by far. I really enjoy picking them up for the collection when I can. Speaking of 1/1's.... added another one today. My 3rd 1/1 of 2021! 58th 1/1 in total as of today. 2010-11 ITG Between The Pipes Ready, Willing & Able Jhonas Enroth/Ryan Miller (Silver Version) - 2011 Toronto Spring Expo Show Stamped 1/1
  6. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Back-to-back months I'll starting off with a new 1/1 card for the collection. Hey, I'll take it! Don't see too many of these rookie-year plates floating around nowadays, I was stoked to land this Yellow Black Diamond Rookie Gems Printing Plate from the 2009-10 The Cup Rookie Masterpieces set. Closing in on 60 1/1's for this collection with this new addition. Noice!
  7. creasecollector

    Blue White Odds

    Love the Ari Sulander!
  8. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the PC today with this awesome 2009-10 UD Rookie Breakouts Acatate Insert 47/100 - Signed in blue paint pen. I think this looks awesome! Matches the card perfectly.
  9. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Here's a cool oddball addition to end the week. I've seen some of these sets on eBay and on a Russian card forum. The Enroth versions were going quick, so I snagged one. I really dig the "Northern Lights" background on this card. Looks great. TAIGA Cards 2019 IIHF World Hockey Championships
  10. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Turning the page with another addition to the collection tonight - Booklet style! 2013-14 Panini National Treasures Sweeter By The Dozen (Buffalo Sabres) 8/25
  11. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    First card of 2021 was added to my collection today... and it's a beauty! Home at last is the 2019-2020 President's Choice Solitaire HI-Lites 1/1! Aside from being added to the checklist based on my suggestion, this card marks my 56th Enroth 1/1 card in my collection. My 550th card in total.
  12. creasecollector

    Jonzkin Niklas Bäckströmit

    Amazing that you have over 700+ Backstrom cards... amazing. I have added you to my player collection section on my blog (on the sidebar) with a link to your collection gallery. Keep up the great work!! https://creasecollector.weebly.com/blog
  13. creasecollector

    Jonzkin Niklas Bäckströmit

    Very nice collection website! Looking through your impressive Backstrom collection now Goalies rule!
  14. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    To top 2020 off on a good note, I recently added my 55th 1/1 card to my collection:2019-20 SeReal KHL Leaders Magenta Printing Plate 1/1 I really like how the design of the card is designed to look exactly like the base set so the printing plate can mesh well with the card border. Nice touch by SeReal here.
  15. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Back at it again this afternoon with a sweet update... The Gold Parallel /5! This Gold Parallel finally finishes off the 2019-20 SeReal KHL Leaders 6-card rainbow... something I never thought I'd complete due to the 1/1 Holographic parallel card. Check it out!
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