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  1. creasecollector


    Nice cards!
  2. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Yes, she did! I am glad a fellow collector could acquire a 2009-10 Fleer Rookie Ice Medallion for their PC as well!
  3. creasecollector

    Kovat poistot Tappara puutteista

    Impressive cards !
  4. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Yes Tatu, Ville Leino wasn't packed out either. So they do exist. A Leino collector actually just picked 1 of these Ice Medallion cards /25 up recently after never seeing one until 2021, so they have recently just surfaced at the same time as the Enroth's. Same person must have had them all these years. Must have been "back-doored" by Upper Deck after they did not put these cards in packs like they should have been. Multiple copies of the Leino have sold recently in big lots of 2009-2010 Fleer Ultra Ice Medallions /25 from the same seller. Here's a few of the listings and there are
  5. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Hello, hockey card friends! What a card... Been searching for one of these Enroth 2009-2010 Upper Deck Fleer Ultra Ice Medallion Rookies /25 for 10 years... Finally snagged one today, along with 20 other copies. So insane. I even wrote an article about this if anyone wants to read it. Enjoy! https://creasecollector.weebly.com/blog/21-white-whales-in-a-single-day-is-this-real-life
  6. creasecollector

    Jonzkin Niklas Bäckströmit

    That mug is very fun !
  7. creasecollector

    Gabriel Dumont kokoelma

    Very impressive collection !
  8. Big fan of Scrivens. Nice guy. Seems like you have a nice collection!
  9. creasecollector

    Mikko 96 Rantanen

    Nice Auto !
  10. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Thank you so much, Tatu !
  11. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Snagged another Autographed base card today: 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Base
  12. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the collection today with 3 more autographed cards! I've been on a bit of a roll with these in the later half of 2020 and into 2021. My goal is to acquire 1 signed version of every Enroth base and/or Insert card. I tough, challenging task that has been a fun 'collection within a collection' project so far. Enjoy!
  13. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated the collection tonight with a team-issued card that I had not seen before! Always nice when you can find out about things I need for the collection and pick them up. Had to win a crazy bidding war, too. 2011-2012 Buffalo Sabres Team Issued Oversized Photo Card #1 Jhonas Enroth These Team-Issued Photo Cards were first handled out by Buffalo Sabres players at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center on October 3, 2011 in Landstuhl, Germany. This trip took place during the Buffalo Sabres' 2011 NHL Premiere Series in Europe to begin the 2011-12 regul
  14. creasecollector

    Pataa vedoksina

    Very cool, great original photos
  15. creasecollector

    My Jhonas Enroth Collection

    Updated to PC tonight with 2 more autographed base cards!
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