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Vähän Non-sporttia myyntiin


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Supernaturalia löytyy enemmänkin, sarjasta kiinnostuneille. Tässä kuitenkin parhaimmisto kuvattuna, loppuja voi kysellä:




Jensen Ackles - 65€

Jared Padalecki - 35€

Billy Drago - 15€

Erica Durance - 40€

Julie Benz - 35€

Lauren Cohan - 15€

Julie McNiven - 5€

MIsha Collins - 25€





Sarah Carter - 10€


Tässä listaa kaikista mitä myynnissä:

Supernatural Inkworks Autographs
A3 Amy Acker (Andrea Barr)
A4 Julie Benz (Layla Rourke)
A5 Dan Butler (Rev. Sorenson)
A6 Marnette Patterson (Charlie)
A7 Kevin McNulty (Rev. Roy Le Grange)
A8 Jovanna Huguet (Bloody Mary)
A10 Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)
A11 Samantha Ferris as Ellen Harvelle
A12 Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle
A13 Chad Lindbergh as Ash
A14 Amber Benson as Lenore
A15 Jason Gedrick as Detective Peter Sheridan
A16 Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester
A17 Aldis Hodge as Jake
A18 Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
A19 Lauren Cohan as Bela Talbot
A21 Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker
A22 Steven Williams as Rufus Turner
A23 Sandra McCoy as the Crossroads Demon
A24 Charles Malik Whitfield as Agent Henricksen
A25 Billy Drago as Doc Benton
A26 Aj Buckley as Ed Zeddmore
A27 Travis Wester as Harry Spangler
A28 Peter Macon as Isaac

Supernatural Connections Autographs
A2 Linda Blair as Diana Ballard
A3 Nicki Aycox as Meg Masters
A4 Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison
A5 Megalyn Echikunwoke as Cassie Robinson
A6 Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
A7 Alona Tal as Jo Harvelle
A8 Fredric Lane as The Yellow-Eyed Demon
A9 Loretta Devine as Missouri Moseley
A10 Sterling K. Brown as Gordon Walker
A11 Dual Autograph Jensen Ackles and Fredric Lane as The Yellow-Eyed Demon
AR-1 Autograph Redemption Card

258 West Authentic Signature Series:
Misha Collins (White)
Julie McNiven (White)
Rob Benedict (Black)

A27 Erica Durance (Lois Lane)
A29 Sarah Carter (Alicia Baker)

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