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Ostetaan Ässä-kasvatteja


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Seuraavat kortit hakusessa,

Joensuu Jesse                                                                                                                        

2009-10 UD Champ's Hockey Mini Rookies Blue Back #138                                     

2009-10 UD Champ's Hockey Mini Rookies Green Back #138                                                                                                                  

2009-10 UD Champ's Hockey Mini Rookies Parkhurst Variaton Back #138

2017-18 Sereal KHL 10 th season 2016-17 gold #JOK-12  /5

2017-18 Sereal KHL 10th Season Autograph #JOK-A14 /10

Marjamäki Masi                                                                                   

2006-07 UD Powerplay Impact Rainbow #114  /25                                 

2006-07 Upper Deck Serie 1 Young Guns High Gloss #228  /10              

2017-18 KHL 10th Season Autographs #JOK-A15  /10                           

2018-19 OFS Serie 2 International Stars Ice Water #35  /12

Niemi Mika                                                                                                            

2017-18 KHL 10th Season Autographs #JOK-A17  /10

Rynnäs Jussi                                                                                      

2012-13 Panini Limited Back to Future Autograph #11 /25                                        

2013-14 Panini Prime Signatures Trios #6  /25

2019-20 DEL Playcards Jersey #DEL-JC08  /55

2019-20 DEL Playcards Jersey Signature #DEL-SJ08  /33

Salminen Sakari                                                                                  

2017-18 KHL 10th Season Autographs #DYN-A19  /10

yv tulemaan,jos jotain löytyisi

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